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Q:   Is the ASCT Chiropractic Technology Certification Exam Accredited?

A:   Yes, the ASCT Chiropractic Technology Certification Program and/or Exam
      are Accredited in 32 states.  Check with your licensing organization for specifics.       

Q:   What are the steps to obtain my state certification/license?

A:   Steps:
1.   Enroll in a State Accredited Program, complete required State Paperwork
2.   Order Radiation Badge for x-ray programs
3.   Receive your State authorization paperwork prior to practicing the profession.
4.   Complete assignments and graduate
5.   Receive State authorization to take the ASCT National Certification Exam
6.   Pass ASCT Chiropractic Technology Certification Exam and receive your state
      chiropractic credentials in x-ray, chiropractic therapy, chiropractic technology,
      and/or chiropractic assistant.    

Q:  Am I required to be Certified by ASCT in Chiropractic Technology in order to receive my
      chiropractic certification/license?
A:  Yes.  It is a requirement.  The state will not accept your application without the
      National Certification.   

Q:  Am I required to complete continuing education units (CEUs)?

A:  By passing the ASCT Chiropractic Technology Certification Exam and completing your required 6 CEUs yearly, you will receive/maintain your  ASCT National Chiropractic Technology Certification and your state chiropractic technology/therapy/radiology regulating  body will receive a copy of your results.    

Q:  What if I decide not to do the CEUs?

A:  You worked so hard to pass the only Nationally Accredited Exam for Chiropractic Technology Exam; however, if you have decided not to complete the CEUs, you will lose your Nationally Accredited Certifications in Chiropractic Technology, Chiropractic Therapy Assistant, and/or Chiropractic Assistant.  Also, a report is sent to the state in which you hold your license and/or certification that you did not complete the ASCT Mandated 6 CEUs.  Many states require the Accrediting Body (ASCT) to Certify that the license holder has completed the mandated CEUs.  ASCT has no control of any decisions made by the state licensing/certification body.    

Q:  If I lose my National Certifications, how can I get them back?

A:   The only way to get your National Chiropractic Therapy/Technology/Assistant
      Certifications back is to take the National Chiropractic Technology Exam again
      and pay all associated exam fees.    

Q:   How do I find out about the CEU requirements?

A:   On six occasions, all examinees receive CEU information:                

1.  Since July 2011, all printed materials have included the clause “6 CEUs are required
     yearly to maintain your National Certifications                
2.  The National Certification Examination online registration.                
3.  The first screen at all exam study sessions               
4.  All examinees are reminded prior to starting the State Exam.                 
5.  CEU requirements are listed several times on our the website.
6.  Now chiropractors must acknowledge that CEUs are required to participate in this program 
     and sit for the state exam(s). No exceptions.

Q:  Can I use my license in any state?

A:  Your State must accept the ASCT Approved program and you must hold an active X-Ray State license in order to apply for reciprocity.  Ask your state radiology department for reciprocity guidelines.