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Chiropractic X-Ray Legislative Background.

Prior to state agencies altering a current law, that agency must submit a small business impact finding.

Most states issued a finding regarding chiropractic x-ray, stating that there is no small business impact imposed, as the new licensing requirement is placed on the individual employee and employees do not qualify for small business status.

Most states now require CAs to take a state approved program and pass the ARRT exam prior to receiving their state license.  This has caused a financial hardship on both the CA and the chiropractor.

Most states, prior to adopting the ARRT policy, trained their own employees.  Not possible anymore.

Currently, 38 states have adopted the ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists) protocol for licensing chiropractic x-ray personnel.

Now, that ARRT has imposed their regulations on the states, they now have decided to change their exam application rules.

2011 applicants must be retested by ARRT every 10 years.
2015 applicants must possess an Associates Degree prior to sitting for their exam.

There has been the suggestion of applicants having a Bachelors Degree next.

Our first mission is to offer each state an alternative exam, the ASCT Chiropractic Technology Certification Exam.

Our second mission is to offer the ASCT Chiropractic Technology Certification Program nationwide, which requires submission to each state.

Your support is needed and welcomed!